WTHN Oops I Did It Again
WTHN Oops I Did It Again

WTHN Oops I Did It Again

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We’re letting you in on an ancient Chinese secret, but we’re taking it one step further (kinda like you did last night). We’ve modified a traditional indigestion formula making it great for food or drink, pick your poison. And don’t worry, you won’t get any judgment from us. 80/20, we always say.

What To Expect

  • supports detox*
  • liver support*
  • supports digestion*
  • increases metabolism*
  • relieves minor body aches*
  • leaves your head happy*

Circumvent the usual consequences with Oops I Did It Again. You may feel less tired and achy + more clear headed and able to go about your day.

Undo when you overdo.